The Second Paving Stone Cup Mountain Bike Downhill Race by Flagstone and Ferei

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First, the division of the total event groups:

Downhill night race, downhill open group, downhill middle age group.

The race route is Baozhu Xiaoqinglong Raceway

(1) Flying Cup night time:

April 30 (Monday) Downhill race starts at 20:00.

(2) Time for the Downhill open group and Downhill middle-aged group:

Tuesday, May 1st

Morning: 10:00 AM, Downhill middle-aged group race

Afternoon: 13:30 PM, Downhill open group race

(3) Awards and places for dinner: 16:30 pm the award location is Orchard Park Square

The dinner place is at the Halal Hall across from the main entrance of the City Hill Community (Chinese dining is provided by the organizer)

Second, the game is different from previous games:

(1) In order to promote the development of the downhill movement, and to push the waves of the Yangtze River forward, this time will permanently increase the number of elites in the province's rapid downhill rankings in Yunnan Province. (The ranking is not limited to age and gender. Ranking depends on the ranking of the competition, three months. Once the game is refreshed, the Yunnan Hukou or Cheyou who has long lived in Yunnan may qualify to participate in the rankings. Non-downhill vehicle types are not eligible to rank.)

(2) The downhill game belongs to the downhill car race. The last time the hard tail car is reduced by 5 seconds in the second time. After that, any game that belongs to the downhill game will not be reduced by seconds.

Third, match equipment rules:

Participants must wear helmets, goggles, knee pads, and other equipment in order to participate in the competition. Do not install anything other than vehicles (such as shelves, lights, bags, feet, etc.) that can cause safety hazards.

Fourth, the downhill game rules:

Yunnan Dasheng Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Wang Hao

From the starting point of Xiaoqing Long's speed drop course, it takes the shortest time to rank. Each group does not require flying packages. Do not take shortcuts. Violators cancel the game results.

Fifth, registration:

(1) Registration fee: 100 yuan per person.

Includes insurance. Night-time downhill competition, open group downhill competition and middle-aged group downhill race qualifications.

Registration Deadline: All registration deadline is April 29th (20:00)

(2) Application method and address:

1 Registration Method 1: Xiaoqinglong Mountain Bike Association

Registration address: Next to Baozhu Jie'an, Majie Village, Xishan District, Kunming Contact: Li Dong Telephone: 18388056360

2 Registration Method 2: Kunming Leading Ranger Bicycle Sports Club Contact: Zhang Zhongjie 13888551769

3 Online Registration: Li Songrun WeChat QQ: 15559693980

Internet registration format: Name: XXX Age: XXX Phone: XXX Household registration: XXX Identity card number: XXXXXX Registration group: XXXX Remarks: XXXXX

Registration group: The open group and the middle-aged group cannot register at the same time, but can also report the night-time downhill race. The open group does not limit the age and gender. The middle-aged group of the quick-declining middle school can register with the top of the 40-year-old, and the quick-declining public group can register at the age of 40 or below.

Sixth, Prizes:

The award is 1 to 10 for each group.

See the specific prize awards




1. Xiaoqing Dragon Mountain Bike Bicycle Association in Xishan District, Kunming City

2. Ferei lighting

3. Kunming Leading Ranger Bicycle Sports Club

4. KONA China

5. Yunnan Dasheng Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

6. Run of the Wheel Bieyele