Product Experience

Ferei BL800C lights

2018/03/26 ferei light 81

Flying sharp BL800C lightsBy Sam Lee Selling price:¥980.00 Weight:360g (loading weight) Sample provided by: Shenzhen Ferei Lighting Co., Ltd.Small is beautiful, pocket-sized BL800C very successfu...

Ferei BL200X ultimate evaluation

2018/03/26 ferei light 63

Compared to the developed countries in Europe and America, the night-ride activity in mainland China is still in its infancy. The scope still basically stays within the category of “brushing the stree...

FEREI HL08AA Headlights - Product Reviews

2018/03/26 ferei light 64

Product Reviews--FEREI HL08AA Headlight Trial Report 2015-10-13 Haha Outdoor-Yang Qian Ferei Asia LimitedThanks to Shenzhen Ferei Lighting Co., Ltd. Yang always provided the Ferei HL08AA headlights as...