• FEREI Super <br> bright Zoomable <br>headlamp HL60II

    FEREI Super
    bright Zoomable
    headlamp HL60II


    Product Characteristics1.Rechargeable twin head focusing LED headlamp.2 .Adjusted spot and flood beam , the spot beam provide long range lighting,the flood beam provide a wide range of lighting.3. IPX

  • Dual-color LED<br> Hunting headlamp<br> HL50-Q(Green & White)

    Dual-color LED
    Hunting headlamp
    HL50-Q(Green & White)


    Product Characteristics* Cree high-intensity LED with up 100,000 hours burn time.* Toughened ultra clear glass lens provides maximum light transmittance.* Computer designed alloy reflector provides a

  • Adjustable Focus <br> LED Headlamp <br>HL40II

    Adjustable Focus
    LED Headlamp


    Product Characteristics1 Focusing LED headlamp2 Zoom-able head for spot and flood beam3 Cool or neutral white LED version available4 IPX4 Water resistant5 1000 lumens for 4.3hours6 8 Selectable bright

  • Bright LED <br>bicycle headlights<br>BL200XQⅡ

    Bright LED
    bicycle headlights


    Product Characteristics* 2 X CREE XM-L  head design , flood brightness.   * 2 x 860 Lumens output brightness !                     

  • High Power Diving <br>scuba LED Flashlight<br> W158II

    High Power Diving
    scuba LED Flashlight


    Product Characteristics1.  High Power Diving scuba LED Flashlight . 2.   IPX8 with 150 meters waterproof.   3.   It can be use without water like general LED fl

  • Ultra bright long<br>distance irradiated diving <br>searchlight W172Ⅱ

    Ultra bright long
    distance irradiated diving
    searchlight W172Ⅱ


    Product Characteristics1  Water resistant portable high-intensity LED search light.2  Light source consists of 6 CREE XM-L2 LEDs with a brightness of up to 6300 lumens.3  Submersib

  • Road bicycle <br>Quick Release <br>Skewer Set KC001

    Road bicycle
    Quick Release
    Skewer Set KC001


  • FEREI AM <br>Bicycle Hub<br>AF48/AR48S(X)

    Bicycle Hub


  • FEREI LED <br>Hunting Flashlight<br> GL300

    Hunting Flashlight


    Product Characteristics1.The remote pressure switch is dual mode.  The front  is a silent on/off and the middle is momentary on.2.If the dual pressure switch is attached to the gun with Velc

  • high intensity<br> LED Hunting<br> Flashlight F6-R/G/W

    high intensity
    LED Hunting
    Flashlight F6-R/G/W


    Product CharacteristicsEATURES:High intensity red LED w/50,000 hrs. life spanAerospace grade aluminum body.Weatherproof design allows it to be cold or during heavy rain.Ultra thick 316 inch glass

  • High Intensity <br>LED Headlamp<br> HL20Ⅱ

    High Intensity
    LED Headlamp


    Product CharacteristicsFeatures1 High Intensity LED headlamp.2 Extra spot beam.3 Cool or neutral white LED version available.4 IPX4 Water resistant.5 1000 lumens for 4 hours.6 8 Selectable brightness

  • Twin head<br> rechargeable  LED <br>headlamp HL50Ⅱ

    Twin head
    rechargeable LED
    headlamp HL50Ⅱ


    Product Characteristics1. Twin head rechargeable LED headlamp.2. Strong spot beam.3. IPX4 Water resistant.4. 2200lumens for 4.3 hour.5. 8 Selectable brightness levels from 3%、6% to 83%.6. 4 selectable

  • Adjustable Focus  <br>LED Headlamp <br>HL40AAⅡ

    Adjustable Focus
    LED Headlamp


    Product Characteristics1 Focusing LED headlamp.2 Zoom-able head for spot and flood beam.3 Cool or neutral white LED version available.4 IPX4 Water resistant.5 1000 lumens for 16 hours.6 8 Selectable b

  • Multi-function<br> bicycle torch<Br>BL511

    bicycle torch


    Product CharacteristicsFeatures* High-power CREE LED with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.* Optical glass lens resists abrasions and scratches, also provides an effective    transmitt

  • Bright LED <br>bicycle headlights <br>BL200XQ

    Bright LED
    bicycle headlights


    Product CharacteristicsFeatures* 2 x CREE XM-L LED head design, flood brightness* 2 x 860 Lumens output brightness              &n

  • Compact bicycle<br> taillights<br>BT001

    Compact bicycle


    Product CharacteristicsFeatures* High-power Osram LED with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.* Toughened glass with double diamond film and anti-reflection film coating  shield provides maxi

  • Small Diving <br> scuba LED  <br>Flashlight W151Ⅱ

    Small Diving
    scuba LED
    Flashlight W151Ⅱ


    Product Characteristics* 150 meters waterproof* Magnet control Switch flashlight* CNC made aerospace-grade aluminum body, Type III hardest anodized in black* Toughened ultra clear glass lens* Aluminum

  • High-power <br>LED Diving <br>Flashlight W152II

    LED Diving
    Flashlight W152II


    Product Characteristics1  High-power CREE XM-L2 LED with a life span of up to100.000 hours.2  Toughened ultra-clear optical glass resists high underwater pressures.3  Purpose-designed a

  • Underwater Photography<br> Lights Of Various<br> Light Colors W167(Shine)

    Underwater Photography
    Lights Of Various
    Light Colors W167(Shine)


    Product Characteristics1. Light body with professional photography mounting holes for easy installation GoPro and other photographic equipment.         &nb

  • Multipurpose<br> LED bicycle<br>light BL900

    LED bicycle
    light BL900


    Product Characteristics1. Two lightweight headlights for road/cyclo-cross bicycles.2. All materials are made with aviation-grade aluminum and CNC-machined with a durable, hard-anodized surface.3. To m

  • Ferei AM Bicycle<br> Carbon Wheelset<br>AM148S(X)

    Ferei AM Bicycle
    Carbon Wheelset


  • FEREI Road<br> Bicycle Hub<br> GF20/G424B

    FEREI Road
    Bicycle Hub


  • FEREI DH <br>Bicycle Hub<br>DF50/DR50S(X)

    Bicycle Hub


  • FEREI Road<br> Bicycle Hub<br>GF20/G424A

    FEREI Road
    Bicycle Hub


    product specification:  1.Spoke holes: 20 holes .    2. Spoke type : Straight  pull  .  3. Material:  Aluminium 6061 T6 for Hub Shell and 7075 T6 for Axle &

  • FEREI DH <br>Bicycle Hub<br>DF57/DR57S(X)

    Bicycle Hub


  • FEREI Road <br>Bicycle Hub<br> GF18/G420A

    FEREI Road
    Bicycle Hub



  • quick release<br> clamp bracket<br>HQ32

    quick release
    clamp bracket


    Product CharacteristicsMultifunctional Clamp31.8mm Clamp   35mm Clamp

  • Tandem Bicycle <br>Extension <br>Pedal MRD

    Tandem Bicycle
    Pedal MRD


  • FEREI HeadSet <br>Top Cap<br>Ferei 5.3g

    FEREI HeadSet
    Top Cap
    Ferei 5.3g


  • mountain <br>cycling Front Hub<br>XF42

    cycling Front Hub


    product specification:Spoke holes:  24/28/32 holes. 2. Spoke type : J-Bend .    3. Material:  Aluminium 6061 T6 for Hub Shell and 7075 T6 for Axle (CNC machined).